Starting Your Keto Transformation

The 5-Week Keto Starting Plan from Health Home and Happiness

When You Attend, You Will Learn...

Summer is coming to a close and it's a natural time to make new changes in your life!


In this free online workshop you will learn how to start keto quickly, how to enter ketosis within 24 hours if you wish, essentials about electrolytes to prevent the keto flu and muscle cramps, and how to know if keto is right for you!


You will come away from this 1-hour keto workshop with the information, motivation, and tools you need to start keto immediately!  Ideal for those who had been meaning to start keto Sept 1st, but also for those who need a little motivation and encouragement to stay on keto or to break through weight-loss plateaus. 


Nearly everyone I talk to about keto in real life gives it a try, the enthusiasm is contageous!


Come catch the keto bug with us!